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Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 28, 2008 05:33 PM
The top 3 things that have made my wireless life with linux complete: (4 diff laptops and a couple of desktops over the past 7-8 years)

1. wpa_supplicant
2. wpa_gui IT may not be colorful or flashy, but it's never failed me
3. update_config=1 line in wpa_supplicant.conf

Personally, I've never had any luck with networkmanager. I've had reliability issues, and flinch every time it's enabled when I try a new distro. I end up hopping around my networks while working, and have found wpa_supplicant & it's gui to work best for me.

For me, having a bunch of *buntus can make sense. But not if they're just for special desktops or other cosmetic reasons. Lapbuntu anyone? I could picture it much easier, if I were coming over from windows now, looking through distros and finding one for my desktop, and one for my laptop. There are needs on one that aren't on the other. The difference to us might not be great, but Joe Schmoe who's used windows but wants to make the linux jump, may find it easier with a more clear cut choice.

The important thing to remember is: Not matter what your OS, you're eventually going to add something to your computer that's going to change other things and warrant a trip to google. Some problems are more prevolent that others, but this is where documentation becomes vital. With that said, this is another area that is under-rated in linux. It's not complete, it's ever evolving, but I'm satisfied overall with the direction linux documentation is headed.

Anyone up for a stage 1 gentoo install? (my distro of choice btw..along with sidux)


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