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As a Linux user for a year...

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 28, 2008 03:29 PM's just cheesy. I use Fedora, not Ubuntu, because I need to work with DB2. But Fedora won't play system sounds, no matter what I do. I've messed with this for months and months, and nothing works. (Other sounds play fine.) Fedora 9 broke Evince: It crashes almost every time I view a PDF. And if one window crashes, they ALL crash - all open PDFs on all virtual desktops. Cheesy, and stupid. GNOME is the same way - if a file manager window crashes, they ALL crash, on all ten virtual desktops. And when I did the F9 upgrade, the machine would not boot! I had to download a special bootable GRUB fix CD and boot off of it, but I'm a 15+ year UNIX user and it doesn't bother me, but I don't know what the average Wal-Mart Linux customer would do. This is Fedora, not Ubuntu, but I have used Ubuntu a little too - neither is ready for the desktop. And there are ZERO programs that let you make greeting cards! If Linux wants to succeed, this is a MUST. I tried using Scribus from scratch, but come on, can't some program have a usable greeting card template? I've never found anything remotely usable for Inkscape, Scribus, OOo, etc. Until someone lets the average desktop user make a greeting card without starting from scratch and measuring the page etc it's not going to fly. Another really cheesy thing is the two clipboards: some apps use one clipboard, and you can't paste into other apps. Many I have to copy, paste into Emacs, copy again, and paste into the app I want. I know this is an historical accident, but, still, it's cheesy and stupid. I love Linux and am committed to using it, so I wanted to throw these things out as areas for improvement.


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