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Network Manager vs Ubuntu acceptance

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 28, 2008 10:39 AM
A few good points in there, certainly. The best suggestion mentioned was the lack of a GRUB GUI config/restore tool that can be run off the install disc. I am surprised that this still hasn't rectified as its a common problem and one of the the few probs requiring the newb-dreaded 'open a terminal...' solution.

What really surprised me about this article and the following comments is that no-one (OK, one person did) has mentioned the real, #1 reason that ubuntu is failing to win massive numbers of converts and that is


If you're not connecting DHCP via an ethernet cable then either expect not to get a connection (without editing interfaces, resolve.conf etc.) at all or get very frustrated with having to enter multiple passwords to use protected wifi connections. Good luck if you want to roam from network to network! On top of this nm has one of the most badly designed, confusing interfaces I've ever seen and it only supports a limited amount of the wifi adapters Linux actually supports.

wicd solves all these problems but not only is it not in the default install (which it should be) its still not in the repos either. Most peoples primary use for a computer these days is accessing the internet and so if they can't do that easily, reliably and hassle-free under Linux they will give up and go back to windows quick-sharp. They won't even be able to discover / download wicd as they're unable to get on the net! As a result of this basic computing fact I can only recommend Mandriva to newbs thanks to its excellent net_applet tool, which is every bit as good as, if not better, than wicd. Anyone know of a ubuntu distro that comes with wicd as standard?

Seeing as Ubuntu already comes with ntfs-3g, they should also include ntfs-config on the cd (its very small) to make adding rw support of windows drives a breeze.

Suspend and hibernate work fine on my laptop under Hardy but I do know this is one area that needs work as suspend doesn't work on my dads. However, I really don't think this is such a big issue as easy networking as Ubuntu cold-boots pretty quick these days and there are power and reliability gains from shutting down/ booting normally.

I'd also love to see Ubuntu dump Totem in favour of the infinitely superior vlc, which many windows users are already familiar with. nautilus-image-converter and nautilus-open-terminal should be installed as standard and winff needs to be added to the repos too.

So, as far as I'm concerned, Ubuntu is very nearly at its goal of providing a easy to use desktop OS for free but its not going anywhere until the curse of network-manager is removed.


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