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This is what Canonical does

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 28, 2008 07:18 AM
"Ubuntu has enabled Pulseaudio way way too soon in there distro and caused some major problems."

They always do this with every release - release something that isn't ready for prime time, then fail to QA it.

I can't recommend (x)buntu for new users simply because they do this. They want to be cutting edge at the same time as new user friendly - and you can't do that. At least, not without a LOT of QA.

All in the all, the article is pretty correct. Most Linux distros have these problems. Some have more of one sort than another, but they all have similar issues. Having tried Mandriva and Kubuntu, I've ended up with openSUSE 10.3 (eventually to be 11.0) which has everything and does pretty much everything with much less reliance on the command line and much fewer bugs than either of the other two distros I've tried.

But even they have one or two stupid things, eg, a software installer that insists on refreshing all the repositories every time you run it even if you only want to install something you KNOW is there and you just ran the repository refresh an hour ago to install something else! Can you say "brain dead"?

Nobody in this industry ever "asks the next question": what if? What if the user decides to do this - or that?

Just a comment on music players. I'm utterly uninterested in multiple, complicated playlists. I run Kaffeine directly from the interface. I open my directory of music, click on what I want to play at any given moment, listen to it, cut it from the playlist, and play something else. Every single music player I've seen is pathetically difficult to learn to use. I installed Banshee 1.0 last week. Big tout that it was finally 1.0!

Guess what? Locked up on me three times in the first ten minutes. Ridiculous. Gone now.


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