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Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 28, 2008 06:20 AM
I think this is an excellent overview of the situation. And very timely for me -- I switched over to Ubuntu in late May, and had a pretty easy time of it. My initial install went easily and quickly, and I was able to get help on a couple of small config details from the Ubuntu forums in a matter of hours every time.

That said, two updates in three days earlier this week led first to my network breaking, and then to my screen resolution stumbling down to 640x480. When the latter problem persisted despite my resetting it several times in the system setup, I surprised myself by reaching for my XP install disc and taking a giant step backwards. (I also found the email migration problems to be significant back in May).

All that said, I was in the position of already having purchased a licensed copy of XP (back in January when the pc was new). And despite my (admittedly minor) problems with Ubuntu, I'll probably go back to Linux when it's time to finally leave XP. For now, the delights of a more configurable system, eschewing Redmond, being virus-care free and having built-in access to things like terminal are taking a back seat to easier gaming, the old-shoe familiarity of Windows, and not having to maintain a crappy old second pc so that I can keep using Dreamweaver and Citrix seamlessly for work.

Anyway, I know my experience is atypical, but I wanted to give some background on why I found this article to be well-informed, well-intentioned and well-considered. YMMV.


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