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Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 28, 2008 04:33 AM
Screen setup- They should drop the lower resolution.. I think 800 x 600 should work for anybody these days..The other issues with configuring have to do with proprietary vs open source drivers (at least for me). once I install the nvidia driver, everything is peachy.

Boot Management- Grub is fine.. those problems you mention with configuration are rare, and if you are running into them, then you are doing something at a level where you can handle configuring. I would write to those dudes at Microsoft about overwriting grub.. but it is fixable as I am sure you have found out.

Mounting- I don't see the problem here.. the permissions are set up they way they are to keep the less knowledgeable from screwing up.. and again when you get to the level where you need to do this, it's not that complicated. It's like saying everyone should just be a Windows "power user" without having to learn or read anything.

Installation - network connection Has always worked for me.. can't comment on that.. but starting the installation from a boot CD wouldn't your connection already be disconnected ?

Sound Configuration- No problems here.. I did many long ago in the early days of Linux.. course may have to do with various hardware.. my last 3 computers have all had onboard sound.. and actually the last sound problem I had, was to try and get an old DOS game (Duke Nukem3d) to work. Was successful too.. but that is perhaps the opposite problem of people with add on sound cards.

Networking: IPv6 support- Once again, not my experience.. but if it's a problem for some people then they should fix it.

Power and hibernation- Not a laptop guy.. but definitely fix it. I actually as a desktop user had some issues that were across many distros with the Power-Now function causing random freezes.. and Ubuntu was like one of the few that didn't.. perhaps that's why the laptops functions were not working.. maybe it needed fixing to not screw up desktop users.. (Don't know just posing a theory)

Email Migration - Seems to work from Linux to Linux, but sure it should be made to work with Windows if it's not.

Documentation- There is some there.. no it's not enough.. and now that you bring it up.. let me ask you that if when you run into a problem where the documentation is "not so great" that you write up some documentation and submit it !! Some of the best documentation I have found, is in user forums. I would also point out that Windows documentation sucks too.. but unlike open source you can not write up documentation and submit it to be included in the next release.

Building from source- Here we again come to the point, that when you are at the level where you need to do this, you are at the level where you know that there are certain problems to address. It is now so extremely rare to find a program that needs to be compiled from source that is not in a repository.. and then if you look in say the "experimental" repo you might find it solving all these problems you talk about. Here is the quote of the day.. "Complicated things, are complicated" .. if you want an uncomplicated user experience, then don't do anything that is to complicated for you.


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