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Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 28, 2008 03:10 AM
The grub one kinda stupid. Reason grub does have good config tools. Just Ubuntu does not ship with them.

The two boot other boot managers pointed to fail on particular hardware combination. There are more than 1 reason why grub or lilo is chosen they integrate into kernel updates and numbers of filesystem supported.

Grub sad to say in background has more features than SBM. Most importantly filesystem support. Grub 2 is far more powerful than current Grub legacy distros are shipping with. Grub 2 interface is completely change able by plugins.

Sound configuration Its a myth that there are lots of different audio systems in Linux. Please refer to Now out of that List. Alsa OSS FFADO are you driver layours and FFADO is for firewire. Alsa and OSS are two different sources of drivers both provide emulation of each other.

Sound Servers Pulseaudio and Jack is about all that is going to be left alive. Important issue you don't need a sound server at all to run sound on Linux. So Pulseaudio should always be a optional part.

Ubuntu has enabled Pulseaudio way way too soon in there distro and caused some major problems. So far we have been recommending that Ubuntu users uninstall Pulseaudio and setup alsa as per Ubuntu stoped dmix from being activated for some cards that has made removing troublesum Pulseaudio harder.

Helix and Gstreammer are the two codec engines. So really its no where near as complex as people try to make out.

Email migration users see it as a issue. I will be simple here if you foolish enough to be using outlook express a closed source program and expect any kind of friendly migration to another platform you are fooling your self. With updates MS can change the storage format of that program. Migration issues really need to be taken up with the program involved. Cross platform form of backups is needing. Distros cannot fix these evils simplely.

Most of the issues are the normal complaints about non complete configuration tools.


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