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Re: Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 28, 2008 01:55 AM
i totally agree with you. power management should be number one, then the sound problem which i currently dont have, but knowing people who ive installed ubuntu on their systems, i can tell you, its a hassle to change some code just to get the sound running. oh yeah, browsing is third, because the average computer user is going to spend half of their time if not more on a website, and if this website requires some kind of flash media for example like some NEWS websites and it doesnt work, the user feels incapable of using the internet. documentation is useful, but not so important, the windows to ubuntu migration tools are also not priority, if everything works i think most people would consider starting a new fresh beginning with ubuntu. gnome panel drawer doesnt work!! i dont think so. it is working as far as i know. i have a Dell pc which cant restart nor hibernate. it can only shutdown. i have to say, it makes me feel like an incapable user, which i dont like to feel. that needs to change!! what is a notebook user gonna do when the computer cant hibernate. the data will be lost when the laptop reaches its battery limit. simply said. ubuntu is not always compatible with notebooks. that with the package manager and keeping it sync is quite important i have to say, ubuntu has to be able to run on more computer fluently before the last touches of perfection are added. i dont really have problems installing and removing software although it could be easier. i still enjoy the big variety of software available. oh well, we can only wait.


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