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Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 27, 2008 10:29 PM
I seriously question the priority of your 10 sticking points.

I assume (hate that word, don't you?) that it is in order by installation to griping...

BUT! there are really only 2 problems, and you don't have them high enough!!

!) Documentation. Period, almost. I have been in computers since slide rules were in use, by everyone! Before the Bomar Brain. Back in the Stone Age, when punch paper tape, punch cards and flipping switches were input methods. I understand most of computer theory, several computer languages, know how to tweak windows, to actually make it kind work, sort of...

I gave a serious attempt to using linux years ago. It really was not ready for prime time.

A few months ago, I had my last Window blow up, and swore I would use Linux.

I installed Ubuntu, Feisty.

I have 'Linux for Idiots', "Ubuntu Linux' and several great links to sites, I manage to find that have some really cool tweaks, tools and suggestons.

But, by and large, Linux needs some serious documentation writers.
1 !!! Writers that do NOT think in Linux.
2 !!! Writers that do NOT 'ASSUME' you know all that they know - most of which they forgot to put into their instructions.
3 !!! Writers that do NOT use overly technical idiomatic expressions of industry standard obtuseness..

Just a basic example. I have yet to find a complete and easily understandable set of instructions for installing.
Note: I said complete... understandable. The terms are not mutual exclusions when writing instructions. I have found a few (the ones using Synaptic or Add Remove, are often incomplete in that basic set up is ok, but necessary goodies are not easily identified.

But, when you get to installing .tar files, or .bin, something is clearly not clear. After many frustrating months, I have gotten all the file types to install, in one form or another (except .tar with any hope of regularity). But, I feel, Ubuntu is not for the faint of heart.

I even spent some time with CNR. It has its points, but, its restrictions often include software I want, that they don't have, that is otherwise only available in .tar.gz format. My chances are better at getting a date with Racquel Welsh...

The basic Ubuintu set up has some crappy 5* games. Kubuntu has a much better Sodoku, but, not simple to find (as is the better Texas Hold'em... Neither having the max stars, though the Sodoku clearly is better than the Ubuntu version.

Much about identifying hardware was resolved, but if you have a sound card on a system with on chip sound, you will go crazy going from one to the other, as the system has its monthly cycle.

There is seemingly crappy support for Camera card hardware, and no quickly findable instructions for getting non-disk devices found, if not discovered. (And once found, they are apt to disappear.

The problem still goes back to crappy documentation. I am neither the only one, nor the last one, to run into this documentation miasma. Until it is cleared up, Linux and Ubuntu (Kubuntu, etc) will have ongoing non-acceptance.

2) Hardware problems, as noted, but, it still is a documentationi problem. I also understand the driver problems with the industry and Linux (don't you wish you had half the money Microsoft spends on keeping it that way??). But, finding the resources to use your resources is not simple.

PS: I know how to use search engines, and how to find things, thank you. But, Having to dig through White and Black hat sites in hopes of finding what is needed, poses unnecessary risks, sometime, of being identified as a target of opportunity... thank you...


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