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Rants by distroswappers

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 23, 2008 12:03 AM
I sense that a great number of the rants are made by distroswappers that jump between distros and concludes on basis of a brief glance. The comments are expected blueprints of what's mouthed by MSoftusers all day long.

Unfortunately, few of the rants are carrying any substance. They merely prove that many still belives that a Distro is all about installation. (After all - that's what many people do - all the time...)

I noted a few valid critical comments about KDE 4.x - some apparently neglecting the fact that it's still in Beta. (latest packages are 4.0.82.x). Shure enough - KDE 4.x still misses applications and applications are missing features, but that should be expected by anyone serious about testing OpenSuse 11 KDE 4.x.

I find it highly relevant to discuss SuSe having been bought by Novell and also the partnership with Microsoft. I don't like it. The question is - can I live with it - and how does the alternative work.

My proposal to you who can't live with it - Do not download or install OpenSuse. Then you should become true to your principles and ethics: Start removing any applications and drivera that have been developed by Novell/Suse. Further, remove anything from projects funded by Novell. Heavy job huh?

I find it somewhat premature to approve or disapprove of OpenSuse 11 KDE 4.x as I have only used it for a coupple of weeks (including 11rc). But I can say this: The problems I've experienced are all related to KDE not being fully fledged yet. It was expected thus no big deal. My opinion is that both KDE 4 and OpenSuse 11 are very very promising and I believe that when this distro has matured for a coupple of months it will become the distro everything else is measured against.

KDE 4.x requires som patience - it needs to be learned. Face it: It is not KDE 3.5.x and it is not Gnome. Because it is not intended to be. If you don't like it - don't use it. You don't have to. I'm pretty confident that when it's fully fledged it will be a good choice for quite a few.

Any distro needs AT LEAST a month or two before it is recommendable to use it as a primary OS. For instance Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS is far from ready. I'll revisit when 8.04.2 arrives.


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