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Opera 9.5 gives Firefox 3 a run for its money

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 22, 2008 11:17 AM
I run Linux. On the one remaining XP box I own I have loaded for the person that uses it as many open source alternatives as I can. I wave the Open Source flag on as many fronts as I can but Firefox (no matter what the fan boys say) has been going down hill since 0.9 in the one place I really require a browser to operate...BROWSING. I've spent the last several years watching Firefox go from a fast, low overhead speed demon of a browser to a slow, buggy resource intensive POS. FF2 consistently went into a total lockup on any Flash content I would access. FF3 Beta was a definite improvement. Instead of going into a total lock requiring "killall" it was kind enough just to kill itself, requiring a restart, on only MOST Flash content. FF3 has decided to crash, randomly, on ANY page it sees fit. Well, all hail the returning champion!

And don't blame the Flash problems on Adobe. Funny, Flash runs great in Opera under Linux.

Open Source is fantastic, and I'm a complete supporter BUT first and foremost I want my damned machine to perform when I sit down in front of it. Therefore it's going to be Opera for me.

And the sad part is that FF2 and 3 have run flawlessly on the Windows version, but the Linux version? Not so much. I'm tired of the crap. I'm not apologizing for Firefox anymore, I'm through. FF supports open source? Hardly. If an open source developer isn't supporting the very community that first embraced it and helped to build it, why all the evangelism on their part? Opera works. And at the end of the day, isn't that the most important consideration?


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