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Mouse gestures are GREAT, but both Opera and FF have them.

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 22, 2008 08:43 AM
'Firegestures' provides the same 'mouse gestures' functionality in Firefox, and I agree with the Opera fans: closing, navigating, and opening gazillions of tabs is sure a lot nicer with gestures than it is in the "standard" way, crawling around a menu for a second click, or moving your mouse all the way up to the tab bar to do an operation.

Opera displays many "written for IE" garbage-laden pages better than Firefox "quirks mode", sometimes I have to switch browsers for that reason. I don't understand the author's fascination with 'speed dial' -- in FF3, you can set your "home page" as a group of bookmarks, and use gestures to rapidly SEE the contents and close the ones you don't want. The 'speed dial' thumbnails, though large, are still too small to really see what the content is :(

Firefox is just as tight with "real estate" as Opera -- all you need to do is download a 'minimalist theme', such as "classic compact" (which I use, it's VERY tight). And that's the key advantage with Firefox-- you don't just settle for a few plugins, you've got over 400 add-ons to choose from. Many of them are nearly indespensable for cleaning garbage and "noisy" ads of the Internet: Adblock (with the optional element hiding helper add-on), flashblock, RIP, and of course, the greatest of all: Greasemonkey. View the web as YOU like it!

BTW, I also have Konqueror (and don't like it). FF3 and Opera 9.5 are my two preferences, but when you customize FF3, it seems WAY better. And also-- already, after barely a week, the current test builds for FF 3.1 have already added another 5 'passed' tests on ACID3. I have a few bits of userchrome.css to make some menus prettier, it's easy to do when you can look at the source code online without even checking it out. And here's my add-ons:

[b]Generated:[/b] Sun Jun 22 2008 00:33:36 GMT-0700 (PDT)
[b]User Agent:[/b] Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008052912 Firefox/3.0
[b]Build ID:[/b] 2008052912

[b]Enabled Extensions:[/b] [49]
- [url=]about:safebrowsing[/url] 1.0
- [url=]Adblock Plus[/url]
- [url=]Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper[/url] 1.0.5
- [url=]AutoFormer[/url]
- [url=]Classic Compact Options[/url] 1.1.2
- [url=]CLEO[/url] 3.3.1
- [url=]ColorfulTabs[/url] 3.1
- [url=]Connect to address[/url] 1.1.7
- [url=]ConsoleĀ²[/url]
- [url=]CustomizeGoogle[/url] 0.72
- [url=]Download Statusbar[/url]
- [url=]Extension Developer[/url]
- [url=]FEBE[/url] 5.3.1
- [url=]Firefly[/url] 0.3.3
- [url=]FireGestures[/url] 1.1.2
- [url=]Flashblock[/url] 1.5.6
- [url=]Forecastfox[/url]
- [url=]Form Saver[/url] 0.7
- [url=]Greasemonkey[/url] 0.8.20080609.0
- [url=]Html Validator[/url]
- [url=]JavaScript Debugger[/url]
- [url=]JSView[/url] 2.0.4
- [url=]Linkification[/url] 1.3.3
- [url=]Mozilla Quality Extension[/url] 0.1.5
- [url=]MR Tech Toolkit (formerly Local Install)[/url] 6.0.1
- [url=]Nightly Tester Tools[/url] 2.0.2
- [url=]Nuke Anything Enhanced[/url] 0.68.1
- [url=]Open Addons[/url] 1.0.5
- [url=]PatchForLibrary[/url] 4.1
- [url=]Platypus[/url] 0.80
- [url=]QuickJava[/url]
- [url=]Redirect Remover[/url] 2.5.5
- [url=]Remove It Permanently[/url]
- [url=]Right-Click-Link[/url] 1.1.3
- [url=]RSS Validator[/url] 0.3.2
- [url=]Sage-Too[/url] 1.0.0
- [url=]Screen grab![/url] 0.95
- [url=]SeoQuake[/url] 2.1.4
- [url=]Stop-or-Reload Button[/url] 0.2.2
- [url=]Tab Mix Plus[/url]
- [url=]Text Complete[/url]
- [url=]Tinderstatus[/url] 0.2.9
- [url=]Toolbar Buttons[/url]
- [url=]Total Validator[/url] 5.2
- [url=]User Agent Switcher[/url] 0.6.11
- [url=]View Dependencies[/url]
- [url=]View Frames[/url] 1.0
- [url=]Web Developer[/url] 1.1.6
- [url=]YesScript[/url] 1.3

[b]Disabled Extensions:[/b] [1]
- [url=]Leak Monitor[/url] 0.4.2

[b]Total Extensions: 50[/b]

[b]Installed Themes:[/b] [4]
- [b][url=]Classic Compact[/url] 3.0.8[/b]
- [url=]Default[/url]
- [url=]LittleFox[/url] 1.8.33
- [url=]Walnut for Firefox[/url] 1.8.33

[b]Installed Plugins:[/b] (3)
- Default Plugin
- Java(TM) Plug-in 1.6.0_05-b13
- Shockwave Flash

Obviously, the Author tested a TOTALLY different browser than I'm using. (No gestures, no tab groups, no adblocks [I have thousands, mostly by subscription], no Greasemonkey scripts, and the really ugly default theme.) No wonder he wasn't impressed!


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