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Opera 9.5 gives Firefox 3 a run for its money

Posted by: DylanMcCall on June 21, 2008 03:22 PM
Sounds to me like Opera is loaded comes with a lot of bloat that is completely out of scope for a web browser. I do not see how this is a good thing. It may not interfere with performance, but I for one do not like it when a computer program such as a web browser starts acting like an operating system.
Maybe it's just me, though. Are these actually separate extensions just described as if they are part of core? Do they come installed and enabled by default?

That said, they've really cleaned up the interface here. Neat!

Anonymous person talking about search keywords: Firefox has that same feature, implemented in the same way. It is poorly done in either browser because one must memorize keywords. Epiphany does this fairly well by having search bookmarks appear on the address bar, so if I type something in that bar I get the option to search for it listed below. No memory required.
Unfortunately, Epiphany seems to be broken for me following the move to XULRunner, so I'm with Firefox for the next six months...


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