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Opera 9.5 gives Firefox 3 a run for its money

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 21, 2008 03:03 PM
I use both, but I am in Opera 90%+ of the time. Besides just having used it for a few years and now being used to it, there is less set up time and I'm happier with it right out of the box. Firefox and Opera can do nearly the exact same things, but I have to find, download, install, and maintain 15+ plugins to get firefox to do the same thing.

I would MUCH rather that Opera were free (as in freedom) but the arguement that "you can't be sure that this propietary software will remain updated and free(as in beer)" is lame. I can't count on ANYTHING to be continously update and available. Sure, I could download the code and maintain it myself, but I'm to busy using my computer for my own tasks, thanks. Firefox plugins will routinely stop working after large updates until someone fixes the plugin, which does not always happen. Also, at 10+, it gets to the point that I have to update FF nearly every day to stay on top of them.

Opera just does what I want it to do right away and still has the ability to use plugins (widgets). I still haven't forgiven FF for being such rediculous asses about the memory leaks. In the same day you could read posts about the "leaks" being "caching features" and read the beta announcment for FF3 where they explain how they fixed 300+ memory leaks. The balls. The only time I open firefox up is if some site just doesn't render right in opera (about 0.01% of random sites) or the site is coding to block Opera explictly. (Two sites I freqent)

The speed differences between the two are completely negligable (I sure as hell can't tell) everywhere except for one spot. Opening old tabs. I will often have 30+ tabs in a saved session. Opera doesn't think for a moment about loading them, FF3 still has a cow. A 5 second difference in start up time isn't all that meaningful to me though, it's a microscopic fraction to the amount of time I have it open.


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