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Opera 9.5 gives Firefox 3 a run for its money

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 21, 2008 01:37 PM
Both / and . pops open the small quick-find, with F3 giving next. Now you only have to try hit F2, type both / and . and press Enter :)

One feature not mentioned was mouse-gestures, which I love. For example, I've bound Wand to a MouseDown,MouseUp gesture, which makes it very easy to login to any page. I have having to move my mouse to some button somewhere. MouseLeft and MouseRight (Back and Forward) also works very nice, with a very fast reload of the page. I've customized MouseUp to be a toggle for fullscreen view with the address bar visible on the bottom. Together with the Autosizer.js UserJS script this is very nice for watching image galleries.

Opera Link also synchronizes your personal bar (including your boomarklets) and notes, which makes it quite powerful and extremely useful for me that uses at least three different desktops a day. And you don't have to ever visit any opera web pages to sign up and start using it, just enter a username, password and email address from the "Synchronize Opera" dialogue, and you are good to go.

If you're a dev, Opera Dragonfly looks very nice - be sure to get the Debug Menu from the opera dragonfly blog as well.

To use TOR with Opera, just download the Vidalia bundle (or however you like to get TOR running on your machine), then go to preferences (CTRL+F12) -> Advanced -> Network to set up your proxies (default is 8118 if you use Vidalia, at least on Windows).

Another nice feature is that you can give you bookmarks a nick. Then just type the nick in the address bar and that's it. You can also give a nick to a bookmark folder, which will open up all links in that folder. And you can set that nick as your homepage, which will open up your chosen set of tabs each time you start Opera (instead of the more usual open up the last used tabs).

My number 1 reason I prefer Opera though is still the custom search feature. Right-click any serach field on any web page, and you can create a search and give it a shortcut. This shortcut works on the address bar, for instance the default "g sexy linux" will search google for the terms 'sexy' and 'linux'. But now you can also search your regional online phone book, the imdb database, a list apart articles, whatever. I find that most times I start a browser, I want to go to some web page to do a search. I love not having to go to the webpage first. And to to the address bar, F8 will focus the address bar of your current tab (yes, in Opera, the address bar is logically positioned beneath the tabs :), while F2 will popup a blank address bar dialogue.

I still use Firefox almost daily, for the StumbleUpon extension :) Maybe we'll see docking and web-site interaction from widgets in some distant future of Opera.


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