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Mobile web use needs the following features (in Free Software)

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 21, 2008 01:06 PM
Mobile Web use needs the following basic features:
Calandar sync, Contact list sync, Bookmark sync, and Email sync (of course IMAP email already does that sync via IMAP server).

FireFox and Opera need to do the following:

Browsing - Like Opera FireFox needs a SYNC feature built-in so that if the user has Thunderbird that the user can use an existing IMAP email account to sych bookmarks to so that they are available on any computer (or Mozilla needs to host a server for bookmark sync, but really a feature for doing that using an email IMAP account would work just fine as with Thunderbird there is already an add-on from here that will sync contact info with an IMAP account -

EMAIL - Like the Thunderbird add-on above from (if they can get the calander working in Ubuntu's Thunderbird synckolab feature) this would be good to use with the Email offering from Opera too?

Of course - there might be other sync needs (but the above would cover the most bases for the most users)!


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