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A virtual appliance primer

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 17, 2008 07:37 PM
@Anonymous :

No, we are here on a Linux site and we should at least prefer Open Source/Free Software.

What makes me sad is the fact that the development of Qemu is not supported over the various Free operating systems more strongly.
Qemu with its Kqemu extension is super fast. Unfortunately there are many distributions who don't support Qemu to the point that it runs
reliably on a given release.
Qemu runs not only on - as a host - many operating systems from GNU/Linux over FreeBSD to OpenBSD it also runs on many hardware platforms
as the mentioned OSes compile it for their various platform releases. No, it even let the guests run on many platforms. What Qemu makes is unbelievable.

You can setup whole virtual networks with for example Slackware as a host then a virtual OpenBSD as a gateway then a virtual FreeBSD for graphical workstation and a virtual NetBSD for the network services like mail fetching and delivering and NFS server for the virtual FreeBSD workstation.

We should go into the communication channels of various distributions - Linuxes and also BSDs - and get them to better support Qemu.
Ubuntu for example has kqemu not in their repos - kqemu is only supported with kvm which is something for that you need the newer types of processors -.

And if I read comments like yours it makes me sad that users are also not pushing a Free Software "solution" but always point to this closed up thing which is _not_
the solution to all problems regarding the virtualisation.
Qemu would be waayyy more better than VMware _if_ the distors would be support it better.


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