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Chiron FS lets you set up RAID-1 over the network

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 15, 2008 06:42 PM
Hello Ben Martin

I am the author of ChironFS. Thank you for your article about it. I have made new tests against
the colon option trying to find why it doesn't work for you. I tried to reproduce your tests. The
only difference between my tests and yours was that I used SSHFS instead of NFS. But the speed
difference between the local disk and the slow remote disk remains as valid as in your test.

I created a tar file inside the ChironFS mounted tree and extracted the files from it. It ran
everything as expected: ChironFS used only the local filesystem to read the data. I used a debug
enabled version and checked its output and it reports which replica it used at every access
made. And it reported it used the fast replica all the time. I have been debugging the command
line parsing routine too, just to check if it, in some case, fails to detect the colon option. I
changed the order of the replicas, inside fstab and in the command line itself. All tests
detected the use of the colon as expected.

So, I could not reproduce the error in any way. If you want, I can try to debug it. If so, I can
send you a debug enabled version of ChironFS, or you may recompile ChironFS enabling it, just
adding -D_DBG_ in the AM_CFLAGS variable in the src/Makefile.* files. Then you may send me back
the debug file and I will try to find the reason of the failure reported by you.

Again thank you for the nice article!

Best Regards

Luis Otavio de Colla Furquim


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