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MCSE Alert!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 13, 2008 08:53 PM
Or could you be Mr. McBride or Mr. Sontag? :-D Whoever you are, you're clearly a Microsoft/SCO sympathizer, at the least.

As those of us with an actual clue already know, PJ has no "bias" toward IBM. She does, however, have a bias toward basic fair play and freedom. Novell and Sun are both participants in maintaining that freedom, sure. But Sun, like Microsoft, also directly financially contributed to the (unfounded) SCO lawsuit against IBM regarding Linux. Then Novell made that dangerous, and absurd, patent deal with Microsoft; fortunately, we have the GPLv3 to protect us against further use of that machination.

Had Novell not made that "Deal with the Devil", she would be praising them to high heaven, just like I and many others used to do. There are a several good reasons to praise Novell, and she has publicly acknowledged and thanked them for their efforts in quashing the SCOundrels, for example. Multiple times.

And if Sun would actually wake up and figure out how to do FOSS right in a consistent way (e. g. cooperating much better with both Theo's and Linus's teams, and GNU/Linux distro makers, over time), and not fund SCO (and thus Microsoft's proxy efforts), then she would be praising Sun as well. Sun is schizophrenic that way; they are *huge* FOSS contributors on one side...but on the other side, they really would like to see GNU/Linux go away. I wish Sun would just pick a direction and go with it, for a change!


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