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Re: IBM Lotus Symphony turns old OOo code into enterprise Judas goat

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 11, 2008 12:08 PM
[QUOTE]If you are running oracle database, from support point of view it makes total sense to use Oracle's RHEL distribution[/QUOTE]
No - it doesn't make sense at all for the following reasons:

1. Oracle's GNU/Linux distribution trails the original - i.e. patches to RHEL produced and released by RHEL have to be re-patched by Oracle. Therefore every security patch arrives in RHEL first.

2. Oracle makes Oracle and has limited experience with the GNU/Linux OS components. In contrast RHEL is a major contributor in the GNU/Linux eco-system. New features and enhancements will ALWAYS comes first in RHEL and Oracle will be forced to trail by one version release at least.

3. Oracle hasn't stopped selling support for Oracle on RHEL.

4. The cost of supporting one RHEL server annually is a tiny percent of the cost of buying (yes - you have to BUY Oracle DB first) and supporting Oracle. The savings you make by combining the two are negligible compared to losing the vast expertise of RHEL in producing, supporting and managing GNU/Linux systems.

5. Red Hat has been at the top spot for levels of service provided for 3 years running. Oracle is no where in the top 10.


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