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Ultimate Edition: Not so ultimate

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 09, 2008 05:34 PM
This theme looks similar to one I used on my laptop, and I find it _much_ more eye friendly than the usual hi-contrast ones. It just looks weird because we're not used to it, not every application benefits from it (admittedly the OO dark page doesn't simulate the typical white paper sheet) and most webpages took the standard black text on white background (Google).

If you mix the two it stops being relaxing because the eye fails to adapt to both themes at the same time. Themes have to be consistent on the whole interface and a low contrast/dark one is harder to implement in some contexts where black text on white bg is the standard, hence the terrible use of mixed settings which simply kills any benefits.

That theme can be really useful if applied globally to all applications (I mean *all*) in dark or semi-dark environments but I'd not recommend it in the typical office room where surrounding lights could make everything less readable, and generally where people speak in terms of documents and folders instead of files and directories. Cannot comment on the rest having not tried that distro.

Oh, and I'm over 40 and have nothing to do with those folks. I'm not even a Ubuntu user (100% pure Debian) and rarely play FPS games.


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