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Ultimate Edition: Not so ultimate

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 07, 2008 08:15 PM
This person writing this review doesn't seem to know a lot about Linux software. Notepad comes with WINE, so if WINE is included, you get the notepad app. XMMS is cool, for an classic old app. It's hardly a "standard" linux app anymore. It's uses GTK1 for goodness sake. Flash is a proprietary app, I can understand it not being there. I'm suprised they didn't have OpenJDK, I can understand not having SunJava.

Way too much belly aching over the theme. They did something different and you didn't like it, so freaking what, I think the standard Ubuntu looks like poo. Points about where theme conflicts with apps good points though.

Over all, the reviewer did bring up some good points, and convinced me not to try UE, not that I do much trying of the *buntus.


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