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Ultimate Edition: Not so ultimate

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 07, 2008 03:52 PM
Agreed the dark theme is a little rough on the eyes. As with the above user, just change it--it's not that hard. Additionally, you seem to miss the spirit of linux in general. It's an operating system with many different fans that allows you to "roll your own" which is why linux, good or bad, has many types of distributions. I'm a firm believer that it always easier to criticize someone else's work than actually produce something yourself. I'm sure that your "review" could have taken on a different tone such as suggestions that would make your user experience more enjoyable and provide some constructive feedback to the folks who are sharing their talents with the rest of the linux community. Perhaps in the future, you might just take a minute to reflect on what you are writing and realize that not everyone experiences installing the UE and tweaking the operating system to their liking as you do. And to be fair, if you loaded Windows on your system, how long would it take you to add all the programs that comes already included on this distribution and load your personal tastes to the user interface?


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