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Ultimate Edition: Is OK

Posted by: ted61 on June 07, 2008 04:30 AM
It is OK. I think I spent about 4 minutes on the theme manager to find a theme that I liked. The Desktop is OK after you configure it to your tastes. It was not very easy to configure but I managed.

I installed it on a dual core and a 32 bit processor. Some games would run on one computer but not the other. It gave me fits. I still don't have Adobe working on either computer. The video capability is pretty good. I can run most videos on my dvd shelf.

I did just lend my dual core to a Mac-fan buddy of mine so he could load windows to play some ms games like Crysis and STALKER. I think an 880gts is still overkill for any Linux distribution. Maybe my computer is better off with windows and Crysis.

Ultimate was working just fine until it went to Mac-boys house.


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