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Screenlets add customized functionality to the desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 06, 2008 09:42 AM
The Universal Applets branch of screenlets addresses most of the cons mentioned in the article and in the comments.

Universal Applets is a major rewrite of the entire Screenlets framework. It contains cleaner code, and it uses an xembed based architecture in order to allow screenlets to run inside other applications. At the moment, there are short-term plans to get them running in gnome-panel, the systray, and AWN.

About the Python restriction: The actual framework is written in python, but Universal Applets allows developers to write applets in any language they'd like. If they choose to write a non-Python applet, they miss out on a few benefits of the framework, but their applet will still look and behave like all other screenlets.


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