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Taking note of Basket

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 05, 2008 01:20 PM
I'm a happy user of KnowIt but I really like the eye candy of Basket.

The on again/off again development status is a little frustrating (but that seems to be common with this genre of apps; KnowIt development seems to be on permanent hiatus).

One thing that Basket really needs is a community forum; a place to go to ask questions and share tips and tricks. Even with future development questionable, there are enough current users (and reviewers drawing new users) to make a forum viable and useful.

My wishlist of things for Basket
- a hotkey to insert the time and date (like the old F5 key in KnowIt)
- search functionality (there's no way to search a basket to locate, in the basket, a given search term); yes, there is filter functionality but that only indicates that the basket has a given filter term, not where in the basket the term is located.
- ability to search basket meta information (time of creation/time of update)

Hopefully, development will pick up again. Basket is useful and usable now but it could be so much better


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