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Upgrading to Slackware 12.1

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 05, 2008 11:41 AM
yes, slackware is beautiful for all the reasons given above, especially the fact that packages tend to build from source without problems. re slackware moving to "kde only", this is not true: it provides several light window managers, but if you need a full "desktop environment" (other than kde...maybe because you like gtk apps), xfce is an excellent gtk-based desktop that fits much better with the slackware philosophy than gnome does. yes, gnome slackbuild is a very nice gnome desktop, but i can't bring myself to inflict all those hundreds of packages (i see over sixty of them in the "libraries" directory alone!) on my nice clean slackware when slackware's single xfce package (around 20M, or about half the size of the latest adobe acrobat reader for linux!) gives me a complete desktop with session management, a compositing window manager (shadows & transparency), decent panels, a nice file manager, gui configuration tools, device icons appearing on the desktop as you plug them in, etc. etc...heck, i don't even need all that, let alone the bloat of gnome. i'm not dissing gnome--my "bloat" is someone else's must-have feature--but calling slackware "kde only" due to its having ditched gnome is unfair to some excellent projects...not only the light (but popular) stuff like fluxbox, but also the relatively full-featured xfce, which--for me, at least--is gnome without the ten bags of unnecessary luggage.


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