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Urban Terror FPS is as realistic as today's headlines

Posted by: xiao haozi on June 03, 2008 08:38 PM
Actually you can play with bots offline, or even in a game with friends online. I run a dedicated server with bots that we jump in and out of to play team deathmatch all the time. It is rpetty unstable when running on 386, but on a 64bit machine and using the 64bit binary its smooth sailing (except for CTF which the logic doesn't really work). You can do so by adding:
//*** BOTS ***
set bot_enable "1"
//set bot_minplayers "11"

to your server.cfg and then uncomment and adjust the minplayers to allow for the server to adjsut the number of bots up and down to suit a total number of fixed humans+bots.
start your server as normal, it will enable bots then reload the server and exec your bots.cfg. A small sample one would be:
//====== 3 on 3 bots.cfg======

addbot widow 4 Red 56 *widow_red*
addbot cougar 3 Red 44 *cougar_red*

addbot Cougar 5 Blue 59 *cougar_blue*
addbot tiger 2 Blue 49 *tiger_blue*

//====== 3 on 3 bots.cfg======


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