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Upgrading to Slackware 12.1

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 03, 2008 05:35 PM
In my search for a perfect linux distribution and after trying out over 100 distributions, I finally settled with Slackware. What makes it so good? Its fast, stable, minimal, and works. It is also one of the few distributions where everything compiles correctly from source and has most the needed dependencies already installed. I frequently install new software that is only available from source so this is very important. It's great when trying to make a minimal OS free from Gnome or KDE. The command line tools "pkgtool", "netconfig","adduser", etc make it simple to setup from the command line. It also has great security updates and focused on reliability over cool wallpapers. It is so easy to start/stop daemons just "chmod -x" any of the daemons under /etc/rc.d to turn off. I think that Slackware does not get the press it deserves and for me it is much better than Debian or Ubuntu derivatives.


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