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icewm + pcmanfm

Posted by: Michael Shigorin on June 02, 2008 06:20 PM
> What I need most is a fast and stable File Browser. (yep it's better than Thunar with your IceWM or any other non-XFCE desktop -- and XFCE4 seems quite bloated -- or leaky? -- by now, I dare say that in ALT Linux 4.0 KDE 3.5 would take up less resources on average session after several days)

PS: once upon a time there was ROX-Filer but we had to drop it completely due to braindamaged XML-file-contained desktop concept (imagine dropping something from flashdrive there and removing it... just to find out that there's now an "xml symlink" on the system but not a copy of the file).


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