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RE: gNewSense distro frees Ubuntu

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 01, 2008 06:02 AM
> I'm a novice and really wouldn't want to butt heads with more experienced people here, why on earth would I want to install an OS that's a tad less functional and less compatible with my computer? aside from being a 'die-hard all I want is free software in my PC' kind of guy and like you said, HW testing?

Before gNewSense, you would have only free software in you computer only if you were a 'die-hard all I want is free software in my PC'. Now, with gNewSense, you can have only free software in your computer even if you are just a 'gee, I would feel better if I could avoid all those proprietary software'.

You can minimize the use of proprietary software, suppose you added a non-free repository to your gNewSense, just because you needed SUN's Java on your browser, for instance. Then you can have goals like: I will get rid of this Java as soon as a package with a GPL SUN Java is available. It would be easier to manage this because you would be aware of exactly what non-free software you would have.

Governments could avoid buying hardware that does not work on free-software. When they buy it, they could specify, that all the hardware listed on the specs should work properly on gNewSense.

André Caldas.


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