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Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 31, 2008 01:10 PM
1 "freedom-ware" --it is called free software. 2 "most userse will choose to install gNS from the live cd" --as opposed to what? 3 "create your own Linux distribution" --it's a distribution of the modified GNU system; GNU/Linux. 4 "most users wont want to use gNS on a daily basis, if at all" --how about we keep it sane and not guess; seems to me most users would want their freedom. 5 "consistently sacrifices ease and usability for compliance" --i find no difficult in ease and of use; perhaps you aren't wearing your helmet? 6 "the fsf now has a distribution it can wholeheartedly recommend, sponsor, and endorse" --the fsf wholeheartedly recommended, sponsored, and endorsed ututo before gNS; and remains doing so. 7 "the most persuasive argument for gNS is somewhat of a paradox, because it relies on the distribution's weaknesses" --it is a strength, not a weakness. 8 "gNS may be a nuisance to use, but it might just be a key factor in the evolution of Linux" --the distribution of the modifed gnu system, gnu/linux, is great to use and logically follows, as linux is an operating system kernel, in this case, the gnu system, does influence its development.


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