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Review: Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 30, 2008 09:15 AM
hi there. thanks for this review. I agree that on a pc with a windows partition, installing mandriva as dual boot does not automatically include the windows os in the grub menu, the way other distros do. I was alarmed when I first boot mandriva (after hard drive installation) to find windows missing in the grub menu list. however, this is very easy to fix in the control center boot menu option. my grub menu list now sports both mandriva and windows choices.

Only mandriva has so far correctly detected and activated all my pc's hardware and peripherals and therefore, it is my choice for dual boot OS on my home pc (the other being winXP.) When I finally had my wireless broadband set up, only the Mandriva 2008 Spring KDE Live CD worked properly with it. I didn't hesitate to install it on the harddisk where it is now providing stable, enjoyable personal computing for my household. Ubuntu 8.04 cannot detect my NIC and Wacom Bamboo Fun. Mandriva activated them all without me doing anything else. I have the 2008.1 Spring KDE One Live CD. When I had my broadband internet access installed, the only time I boot to Windows was during testing. Since then, windows is practically forgotten. Almost everything is provided by Mandriva and we are very satisfied and happy with it.

I have no problems with my Mandriva 2008.1 installation, whatsoever. Support for multimedia files is fantastic. I really like the fact that I do not have to result to the terminal and manually configure stuff to make them work.

Thank you, Mandriva!


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