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Re(1): LaTeX isn't just for typesetting!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 28, 2008 03:17 PM
"Wikindx - unlike LaTeX - does not focus on formatting or structure"

This is a limitation of wikindx, not a feature. There seems to be no way to apply real styling information, so that documents look good and meet publisher requirements.

There is also no semantic markup--you have to apply bold/underline/etc. manually like the bad old days.

"This app is much more web 2.0 - users can participate, collaborate and take advantage of the work of others who have added to the bibliographic database. The system can become a knowledge base for any specific field of study."

Yes and no. This might be web 1.5, as users can do some content creation. But it lacks many features that people expect from web 2.0: there's no clean AJAX interfaces which make this experience anything like using a desktop word processor. There's no auto-save! Other wikis have semantic markup, embed microformats, and aren't limited to legacy formats like RTF.

UniWakkaWiki may be a little closer to web 2.0 if you want a single wiki+reference manager that is "LaTeX-like." It has mathml/latex/asciimath, and opendocument/LaTeX export & supports jmol, etc.


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