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Re(3): LaTeX

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 28, 2008 01:58 PM
"Text editors are not good for writing books or papers unless one can tweak and tinker with macros etc."

Most popular text editors do have very powerful macro support & can use regular expressions & easily use external programs. I don't think that the popular word processors are better in these departments.

"Also Bibtex sucks for humanities. In more ways than I can think of."

Just because you use LaTeX does not mean that you need to use BibTeX. There are numerous other more modern approaches (or you can use a reference manager that writes LaTeX directly). There are certainly some in the humanities who use LaTeX in some form (either directly or by using it for typesetting XML documents).

"BTW, I have never ever seen a publisher or journal in humanities that accepts articles in LaTeX."

This is simply not true. Any that also publish math/science will accept LaTeX. Certainly the book publishers all accept it.

"Writing with a modern word processor also enables easy separation of content and styling."

They do enable it, but I wouldn't call it "easy" to get cross-references, to apply wholly new styles, etc. It is certainly not "easier" than LaTeX.

"In addition, modern word processors have decent spellchecking and grammar check -- those can easily incredible amount of time spent in proofreading."

Text editors and LaTeX GUIs can feature these too.


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