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Re(2): LaTeX

Posted by: Anonymous [ip: unknown] on May 28, 2008 07:49 AM
Text editors are not good for writing books or papers unless one can tweak and tinker with macros etc. For example, it took me too long to find out how to get a decent word-wrapping out of Emacs. It was driving me crazy... Also Bibtex sucks for humanities. In more ways than I can think of.

BTW, I have never ever seen a publisher or journal in humanities that accepts articles in LaTeX. It is either .doc or .rtf -- so one has to convert the manuscript from LaTeX to a normal format anyway.

Writing with a modern word processor also enables easy separation of content and styling. In addition, modern word processors have decent spellchecking and grammar check -- those can easily incredible amount of time spent in proofreading.

Just my 5 cents -- after having written my first (and last) book in with Emacs in LaTeX and having converted it to rtf for proofreading before handing it to the graphic designer.

LaTeX might be _the_ solution for mathematicians, astronomians, people in IT etc. But it is far from perfect solution for people in humanities or social sciences.


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