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Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 28, 2008 03:29 AM
As noted, your review was interesting, but it does leave questions:

"Wikindx defaults to read-only permissions for global users, but organizations that cannot legally make their sites public or which desire greater control and privacy can add security via the Web server by adding a .htaccess file in the main Wikindx folder or user directives in a Wikindx directory container in the Apache configuration file."

Would this mean two logins (one for the http server & one for wikindx)?

"While writing papers online, authors should save their work often, since network connections do sometimes fail and there is no autosave function. I have on more than one occasion lost some of a paper because I clicked off my Wikindx site before I saved the paper."

Is there some magic to fix this? I'm used to autosave & could not stand this limitation? Firefox extension? Or would that not work because:

"One drawback of Wikindx is that it lacks a spell-checker, and for some reason, Firefox's spell-checker does not function with Wikindx. However, that's not a big burden since writers will export their paper and view it again in a standalone word processor."

I thought the firefox checker works with every textarea?


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