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Re: Rawstudio turns 1.0

Posted by: Nathan Willis on May 27, 2008 05:42 PM
No disrespect to everything that Rawstudio does well (and that's a lot), but it barely touches Exif; the generality of "support[s] reading and showing Exif" doesn't precisely describe what you can and cannot do with it. What I'm pointing out is that "partial support" for a format != support.

I never suggested that Rawstudio *was* a photo manager (as if "being a photo manager" was somehow mutually exclusive with being a RAW converter or even image editor) -- it's clearly not designed to be one, but you can't deny that when people use it, they _must_ use whatever built-in tools it supplies in order to find and edit their RAW files. Right now, that means the thumbnail strip browser + eyeballing alone. I return to my previous comments about the relative value of the various Exif data; in an interactive session, being able to find the image you want to edit quickly requires being able to access the content-based metadata.

I'm glad that Rawstudio can read the aperture and shutter speed of the currently-open file; I hope it expands its support for the metadata standards.



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