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Fedora 9: Leading edge or bleeding edge?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 25, 2008 01:35 PM
As a RedHat branded Gnu/Linux user since RedHat Mother's Day 1.2.8 kernel thru the lifetime of RH to Shrike and so on thru Fedora and RHEL, also a user of Ubuntu, Mandriva/Mandrake, Yellow Dog, SUSE, as well as DOS/Windows, OSX, and HPUX (figured I should qualify this a bit before getting into my comments ;-)

Anyway, I was looking forward as well, as most of the posters here, to the Fedora 9 release. I installed and tested the alpha and beta releases, and found them extremely buggy and unuseable to an end-user not schooled in development or SA. I was a bit weary after submitting 28 bug reports in one month. However, Fedora Project managed to implemented 25 of those bugs, the other two being minor kernel issues with logging and spurious printk() statements.

Fedora has taken a lot of slack, and is the beating post of the distros since Ubuntu's legacy has snatched up the non-technical and very opinionative user base.

Ubuntu users contribute very little to the community development as a whole. I moderate three various forums on the web, one being an ubuntu forum, and can tell you that when pressed to give a reason as to why people dislike Fedora the response is 9 times out of 10: "Because it is Red Hat's testing ground for RHEL."

This is fine, as most legacy community members will admit, we are used to this banter within the community, however, I can't sit around and watch various newcomers bad mouth distros that without which your precious Ubuntu wouldn't exist. I find it incredibly amusing that Ubuntu, brainchild of Shuttleworth (Canonical Ltd fame and COA fame) had a major flaw with, random number generation for security certs...Ubuntu is no longer Shuttleworth's project than Fedora is Red Hats, which is a shame because we are bifurcating between spins within the community of "End-user ease" and "New functionality." One day, I do not doubt, there will be a commerical end-user distro that utilizes the Gnu/Linux kernel and looks a lot like Windows/Apple OS.

Anyway -- Fedora has and was always a technical distro, for those who use Gnu/Linux not just as a pretty graphical interface between themselves and the hardware. Please before deciding to make sweeping comments.

I rambled here, and apologize, but a final thought via Jerry Springer, "Love and take care of each other." As Gnu/Linux morphs into a bigger entity that even it can keep control of, we all have to adjust.


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