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IceWM has decent functionality

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 23, 2008 08:18 PM
I use IceWM, which is extremely light weight (depending on the theme used--my favorite is IceCrack2). It doesn't have desktop icons, but that's okay since I don't use desktop icons to begin with.

I appreciate that IceWM has a system tray that works with everything I use (Pidgin/Gaim, GNOME's nm-applet for handling wireless, GNOME's volume control).

IceWM does have a Win95-like layout, but it's a lot prettier and theme-able. The taskbar works like Win95, which is perfectly fine by me. It also has multiple workspaces, which is an absolute must-have.

By default, IceWM does NOT have a GUI interface for configuration. It's all in human-readable text configuration files (NOT barely commented XML like jwm). There are a couple graphical configuration editors for IceWM, but I prefer editing the text file since it's faster and easier.

As for the menu--in Debian, IceWM automatically uses the universal menu, so software packages are automatically added/removed from the menu. Very nice! However, this functionality seems to be broken in Ubuntu.


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