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Re: Rawstudio turns 1.0

Posted by: Nathan Willis on May 22, 2008 06:20 PM
That's what, four out of 30-40-odd Exif tags? Not to mention XMP.... Besides, what you literally asked was do they look like Exif tags, which they don't, buried at the bottom of the histogram and unlabeled. So there was just a trace of sarcasm in that response. I'm not angry in the least, I just want to see my metadata.

Actually, I want to edit it and (far more importantly) search based on it, too, but that's a bigger issue. The free RAW converters are all focusing on conversion and editing, not image collection management -- which is fine, do one thing and do it well, after all -- but the more images we collect, the more we're going to feel the need for good metadata searching. ISO, shutter speed, focal length, and aperture might be the most oft-recorded Exif tags, but they aren't the metadata that people most often consider when trying to find an image -- when was the last time you thought "I need to find a few really good ISO800, f/1.8 shots?" For image management, the content tags are more important. I'd really like to see somebody tackle it.



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