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Re: Rawstudio turns 1.0

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 21, 2008 05:59 PM
Rawstudio 1.0 is now probably the best OSS raw program. Afraid I spent good coin on the new Linux release of LightZone just two days before reading this article. Of course LZ has more features but I would have no trouble recommending Rawstudio. The thumbnailing/directory browsing/ranking is great, and the crop/straighten, copy settings function, and batch processing means you can now pretty quickly do a whole shoot worth of photos into a pretty finished state without opening Gimp at all. The UI is quite polished.

Probably the most difficult thing about it for me is the white balance. The 'camera' switch doesn't seem to reflect what I get from the Pentax 10D, and the Warmth/Tint sliders are extremely delicate and have to be moved an infinitesimal amount to fine tune the color balance. The Hue slider has a rather strange and unexpected effect and I'm not really sure what it's intended to do.

It would also be nice if there were some kind of documentation/manual. Couldn't find anything anywhere, which is pretty strange for a 1.0 release. Developers can write thousands of lines of code over the course of years but not a simple 10 page introduction?

"As for 100%/Zoom to fit, this is a design decision."

If so, it's a bafflingly bad design decision. How is restricting your ability to zoom in on a photo in any way an advantage? While on the subject, why put the hotkey for 100% zoom as the * key, which requires and awkward shift-8 sequence if you don't have a dedicated number keypad.

Finally, I would love to see the inclusion of a truly advanced noise reduction system, such as the plugin for Gimp known as GREYCStoration, included or available as a plugin directly in the raw software. Most raw software has some kind of noise abatement (that's not very good) but I find GREYCstoration to be on a par with Noise Ninja, and extremely important to give the final polish and prevent sharpening from increasing the noise. Noise reduction really needs to be done prior to any sharpening.


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