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Re(2): Security Alert: Debian OpenSSL flaw affects many systems

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 21, 2008 01:57 PM
Ah .. yet another "Blameless Society" comment. The bug was and is Kurt's fault. If he simply stands up and says "Yep I screwed the pooch on that one", then all is forgiven and we get on with life. If not, then we can keep scuttling around and whining. Your key point was " ... perhaps not to a sufficient standard ... ". Since Ubuntu is vitally important to the entire computing world --- not just the Linux folks -- we absolutely must keep our standards high and reflective of our skills. Remember, as if you are not already reminded continuously, that Ubuntu has become the new Windows -- not the failed, kludged, hag-ridden, product of Little Billy's duplicitous mind, but a New Standard of Excellence in the Desktop world. I have seen with my own four eyes, Windows users whose experiences with Little Billy's dreck since v.1, actually remove all vestiges of Billy's Coruscation and exclusively use Ubuntu. Let us continue to improve Ubuntu until it crushes Little Billy into a scattered and noisome puddle of blood and brain materials ground into the earth by an iron shod boot heel.

Ah yes, and I am posting Anon because my identity is very well known and by posting under my real name (which I almost always do) would be detrimental to our Community.


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