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Fedora 9: Leading edge or bleeding edge? - Upstart

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 20, 2008 02:45 AM
From the article: "Fedora 9 has also adopted Canonical's Upstart as a replacement for System V's init scripts"

I've been an RH and then a Fedora user for a long time. I just ran headlong into Upstart - was installing Ubuntu 7.10 on a friends laptop to help them move from ms windows. On the Upstarted 7.10 laptop which boots into a GUI I did a telinit 3 to kill the GUI for a command line environment and nothing happened. OK, I'll just edit /etc/inittab and reboot. Ummm - there is no /etc/inittab. Out of curiosity, lets try telinit 1 - GUI dies - OK so it does know about single user mode.

GIven that I prefer my boxes to boot into a command line environment and, when I am ready for my GUI of choice (Fluxbox), I will type startx and the above experience with upstart I am concerned (or at least curious) about F9's use of upstart.

Not sure what improvement upstart brings to the show but if Fedora 9's upstarted behavior is like Ubuntu's it may be bringing with it confusion. Perhaps someone can expand on Upstart in the context of either Fedora or Ubuntu.

Oldtimer who likes SysV init style of startup (but is willing to listen to new ideas)


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