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Fedora 9 PPC X11 does *not* work on Power Mac G4

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 19, 2008 11:49 PM
I just downloaded and tried out Fedora 9 PPC on my Power Mac G4 Gigabit Ethernet. It's got the stock ATI Rage128 card in it. No matter what I've tried, X11 will not come up. I've even tried hacking xorg.conf to try out the vesa driver, and turning off/on the frame-buffer mode.

During the installation, I had to use the character-mode installer (the graphical one wouldn't come up). That's fine; I'm used to that from Slackware, Debian, and Ubuntu Expert Mode. But after the install's done, I expect X11 to at least work out of the box, even if it's something low-res like 800x600. X11 won't even start.

This is very strange, considering that Fedora 8 was perfectly happy with it. Debian Lenny PPC, Ubuntu Dapper PPC, and Yellow Dog Linux (all versions) also like this box just fine. The hardware deviations from stock are as follows:

1GB DRAM (up from 256MB)
Dual-processor 1.3GHz CPU upgrade (up from single 400MHz)
80GB hard disk

In other words, nothing earth-shattering--no new disk controllers, no "special" video boards, etc. Normal stuff.

This should not have gotten out of testing. Maybe the x86 version of Fedora 9 works fine (just haven't gotten to it yet--that's next), but the PPC version won't even produce a GUI. Now I can't even do a proper Fedora PPC review, which is a shame.



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