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Linux rides pillion on Mumbai city buses

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 19, 2008 08:25 AM
very informative. Thank you. I have yet to come across a bus with the two fair collection devices, tho. I recall that system being introduced years ago (initially started after there was news that IIT students used a smart card within the campus to pay for food, etc.). It didn't really take off because passengers were required to "check in"/"check out" on their own. Bus conductors seemed more hassled with having to deal with a new device and feeding in changes at intervals (or so it seemed). Plus, ticket collectors did not seem to have a "checking" device to confirm that a passenger had in fact swiped his card at all.
The handheld devices seem like a more practical solution.
The video terminals in buses are very innovative. There used to be PCO's too, which were replaced by Vodafone collection boxes. :) It is good to see things are moving in a positive direction.
I hope to see something as robust for the trains too.

I heard about a hybrid smart card - one that can be used for the BEST as well as the Trains. Is it true? or still fantasy.


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