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Nexuiz shoots to the top of gaming list

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 17, 2008 04:45 PM
I've been playing Nexuiz for a few months now and I think it's great. I tend to stick to deathmatch type gameplay, but I know there is a pretty big CTF group as well. To the people that say Nexuiz is just another quake clone I have one response: Grappling Hook. For me this is the most innovative thing about Nexuiz's gameplay. The grappling hook allows for super speedy and innovative movement and for me at least, gives Nexuiz its unique feel. I don't know if there are other FPS games out there that incorporate a grapple hook like Nexuiz, but if there are I haven't played them. Until you've played on a server with the grappling hook turned on you haven't played Nexuiz.


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