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Review: Hardy Heron converts an Ubuntu skeptic

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 12, 2008 02:48 PM
I'm using Ubuntu Live this week to fix several Windows XP machines which were formerly Vista machines. Something about my partition images fails to bring along the NTLDR so I go in with the Live disc and copy the NTLDR files over. Sure, I could do it from the Windows command line I am sure but Ubuntu is easier and I start it loading while I work on another computer so no time lost.

I really like the brown theme. It's a golden brown and easy on the eyes. I understand that in 2008 brown is not a popular color for things but who cares, like so many people before have said, it takes seconds to change it. I really don't like the default Windows desktop but it too is easy to change.

This version of Ubuntu is really "zippy" and responsive. Everything just works from the LiveCD on every machine I have tested it on. I think the store bought default OS (you know who you are) has some real competition on their hands (and have for several years but now people are noticing). I'll prob stick with Mandriva (user for 5 years now, am very sued to it now) but will add Ubuntu to my recommended list.

I'll never go back to store bought OS software! Am recommending Linux to everyone now and have converted several people over who have gone on to convert a few more of their own. I think the current round of distros are setting the bar ever higher for Linux and this is very, very good.

Was excited to read a week or two ago that some big, big hardware/software companies are demanding Linux drivers from their hardware suppliers now. The Linux desktop is now - today - and whether you and it work well together depends on how adventurous or how much hand holding you require to get things done. We can do much more in Linux than we could ever afford to do in Windows. We are certainly happy users and try to help by spreading the word.

Setting up Windows about 8 times in the past week at work required much Easter Egg hunting for drivers and updates. I wonder how long until the Windows community starts some sort of update service that is something like Urpmi in Mandriva.


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