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Re: Review: Hardy Heron converts an Ubuntu skeptic

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 11, 2008 10:11 AM
I have been using Heron since just before the official release, and after following a guide on ubuntuforums to get ndiswrapper working properly on my HP dv2415 laptop, wireless has been working exceedingly smoothly. I use WEP and WPA with no issues whatsoever - scratch that - I might have had to enter one WEP key in hex. However, I was not able to get my wireless card working with previous ubuntu versions, nor was I able to get it working with SuSe. Bummer - I like the look. In fact, it was significantly less work getting Heron to work fully on my rig than it was downgrading it from Vista to XP pro. Even considering the googling and terminal usage, I think I spent maybe 1/4 the amount of time trying different methods to get the wireless driver to work than I did trying to find the full set of XP drivers.

Thumbs UP.

if you're having trouble with your Broadcom card on ubuntu, try this:


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