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What's the fuzz about colors?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on May 10, 2008 12:25 PM
When a debate about Linux and a distro turns into a discussion of colors there must be a point missing. Get a new wallpaper! Ubuntu 8.04 is a step forward in many ways, but it's merely a release candidate for Ubuntu 8.07 aka the 8.04.1 due in July. Bugs (near 250 in the "mainlist" alone) are popping up in Launchpad and the bug focus seems better than on previous releases. It makes sense wrt LTS. Yesterday I replaced my kernel with the Debian one and much to my delight the B43 kicked in and my wifi was working again. Back to the Ubuntu Kernel - not so lucky. For a while flash was a problem, but I sorted out that - and by following an excellent howto Java is working well in FF 2, 3 and Opera 9.5B2. FF 3, Evolution and Prism still starts in offline mode though. Automounting of devices works perfectly for me in 8.04 - that was not the case with 7.04 and 7.10.

What puzzles me a bit when it comes to Ubuntu is the abcense of critical reviews beyond the hype. By someone pro Linux and preferably pro Ubuntu. Are Linuxwriters cautious in fear of providing Msoft with ammo?

Many of the issues affecting Ubuntu appears to be rather simple to solve and it would be interesting to learn whether it's sloppiness, lack of priority or a shred of arrogance that causes these failures. (Basicly it works in other distros - so I believe it resides with Ubuntu)


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